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Private Girls Sydney – 3 Gender Myths in the Bedroom and Beyond

“Men are hornier than women”. “Most ladies are not interested in sex”. These are but only a few of the many myths about sex and gender, and the sad thing is that a large number of folks continue to believe in these crappy myths! So, before you fall prey to all these misconceptions and fallacies more »

Private Girls Sydney – New Survey Reveals That More People Are Showing Interest in Polyamory

While you may already know that stuff like threesomes, and the doggy-style position, have become quite popular erotic items today, here’s one sex-related activity or practice that you never thought became mainstream, but has now received a lot of interest from couples, and it’s called “polyamory”! Find out more about why polyamory is gaining a more »

Private Girls Sydney | The Horny Passenger’s Suggestions For Travelling With Sexual Products

People are aware of the feeling as soon as our luggage is opened up at air terminals and harbours, and thereafter, the security personnel unearth a few of our very private belongings. You will really feel sort of terrified or stressed. Now, what if you’re carrying an adult toy with you in your bag? Here’s more »

Private Girls Sydney | An Overview of Japan’s Most Famous Sex Service

Unlike the rest of the universe, Japan has an escorting industry which is like no other and also cute, irrespective of its perkiness and artistry! Here’s an overview of their most famous sex service, the “deri heru”. It’s Similar To The Ordinary Escort Service Practically a “delivery health” service, it functions just like how it more »

Private Girls Sydney – Here’s Japan’s Most Popular ‘Flesh’ Service Delivery

Contrasting the other parts of the world, Japan has an escorting sector that’s exclusive or cheeky, besides its spiciness and innovativeness! Here is a peek at their most popular ‘flesh’ service delivery, the “deri heru”. It’s Like The Ordinary Courtesan Service Essentially a “delivery health” service, it operates much like how it is delivered in more »

Separating the Myths Against the Facts, About “Blue Balls”

Have you ever of a guy who suffered a weird case of “blue balls”? Well, do they even exist anywhere outside of the dictionary of urban legends and myths? Okay, so why don’t we dig deeper and ask the health or even sex experts to give us their take on such mysteries as blue balls. more »

Private Girls Sydney | Looking to Hook Up Overseas? Here’s a Guide to the Word’s Best & Worst Lovers

What’s more thrilling than travelling overseas, and ending up in bed with a lovely lady (or a hunky guy) in a seedy part of Istanbul, Paris or Madrid? International travel has always been the allure for every single guy and girl. But before hooking up with just about any nationality out there, here are a more »

Private Girls Sydney – Hidden Places to Touch Her that Are Actually Out in the Open

There’s no such thing as a roadmap to pleasure, unless you’ve been with that one partner for quite some time so you know how best to turn up the heat. Otherwise, it’ll be time for trial and error when you get in bed with them, even with one of the Private Girls Sydney you engage more »

Private Girls Sydney | 4 Kinds of Food That Can Help Improve Sexual Performance

When it comes to sex – be it casual or in a relationship – it’s important that it ends up in a great way. Hence, as a man, you need to do your best to perform well. According to Private Girls Sydney, there are foods that you need to eat (and don’t need to eat) more »

Private Girls Sydney | Top Poses for Taking Control in Sex

Taking control in the bedroom is something many blokes love to do – and their gorgeous partners often love them for it. The lovely ladies at Private Girls Sydney know there are positions that put you completely in charge when you have sex – and here they are. 1. Pleasurable V. Kneel on the bed, more »

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