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Sydney Private Girls – Dreary, Drooling Yet Updated Facts about “Sexual Drinking”

When it comes to drinking, all or most of us may have heard about a wide assortment of drinkers, from casual to heavy and social drinking. Perhaps you haven’t yet heard of stuff like “sexual drinking”! According to new research posted on the American Journal of Public Health, 30% of sexually-active women who drink never hook up without reaching some level of inebriation, or intoxication.  Here are a couple dreary, drooling yet updated facts about drunken sex, or sexual drinking.

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Sexual Drinkers Are 3 Times Likely to Engage in Some Pre-bedroom Booze

Have you ever tried drinking heavily (or binge drinking) before heading to bed with your hookup partner, or with your favourite Private Girls Sydney? According to researchers from Columbia University in the US, sexual drinkers, or those who aren’t necessarily alcoholics but do rely on alcohol to get it on,  are 3 times as likely as people in relationships to engage in some pre-bedroom boozing!

In addition, the number of binge-drinking women has also risen seven times faster than in men over the last decade, and the rise in the number of sexual drinkers now begins to make a lot of sense too.

There’s Strong Belief That Alcohol and Sex Go Together

Researchers at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research also noted that a lot of men and women today have a strong belief that alcohol and sex go together. This is because of the way young people interact with potential sex partners, which pretty much revolves around alcohol.

However, for women the link may be quite an emotional one, as a cocktail or beer before sex can act as a kind of “intimacy” tonic, and sipping alcoholic drinks has also become a form of self-treatment for sexual anxiety or a lack of confidence.

In fact, a few women have revealed that they enjoy sex more when they’ve been drinking, because they worry less about things like their body figure and looks, or whether they might say something embarrassing!

But in science speak, sexual drinking stems from a phenomenon called the alcohol expectancy theory”, which is when people expect that drinking will help them feel loosened up and sexy. However, health experts stress that relying on a beer or more to shepherd you through moments of vulnerability can also put a damper on your sex life!

So instead of binge drinking before having sex, why don’t you opt for something more comfortable, relaxing and more sober, like enjoy a soothing “girlfriend experience” with the hot and alluring Sydney Private Girls?

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