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Separating the Myths Against the Facts, About “Blue Balls”

Have you ever of a guy who suffered a weird case of “blue balls”? Well, do they even exist anywhere outside of the dictionary of urban legends and myths? Okay, so why don’t we dig deeper and ask the health or even sex experts to give us their take on such mysteries as blue balls.

How Science Defines Blue Balls

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I certainly hope you didn’t suffer from blue balls at any occasion in your life, and I guess your hookup buddies, or even your favourite Sydney private girls, have never even see a guy who had his balls turned blue or black!

According to a study on blue balls entitled Blue Balls: A Diagnostic Consideration in Testicular Scrotal Pain in Young Adults, and written by one guy named Jonathan M. Chalet, the abstract explored the case of a 14-year old male who had “sharp, stabbing and constant pain” in the testicles.

And according to legend, when a guy becomes erect, the testicles fill with sperm and the groin swells with blood. Usually, this sperm and blood are released after orgasm, but when no orgasm occurs the arteries remain clogged up, and the balls are bulked up 50% their usual size. Hence, all this trapped blood and semen causes at first discomfort, which is followed by excruciating pain that’s relieved by ejaculation.

It Could be a Case of Vasocongestion

But if you ask the health experts, the “blue balls” could simply be a case of vasocongestion, which is defined as “the swelling of bodily tissues caused by increased vascular blood flow and a localized increase in blood pressure”.

The typical causes of vasocongestion in human beings include menstruation (which means women could suffer from blue balls too!), sexual arousal, REM sleep, strong emotions, certain illnesses and allergic reactions. And in most cases, prolonged vasocongestion is not painful, although it might leave a lingering discomfort, or some form of “heaviness” in the scrotum (for men) as the piled-up blood creates pressure, and is unable to leave the penis.

I guess it would perhaps be helpful if you get an occasional prostate “massage”, if only to soothe your balls, and ensure that you’re in tip-top shape when you’re with the lovely and alluring Private Girls Sydney!

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