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Private Girls Sydney | Warning: Sex Toys Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Of course, we know what adult toys are for. Without doubt, these gadgets are a great addition to one’s sexual repertoire! Pretty sure, you have some collection of sort in your bedroom side table, and so do the sleazy Private Girls Sydney.

But then, without your knowing, you might be having stuff in your possession that present a risk to your life. Therefore, you got to know if yours are free from toxins so that you enjoy them fully.

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What Makes Sex Toys Hazardous?

Back in 2011, Germany’s political leaders demanded their government to look into adult goods packed with high levels of phthalate which is said to cause various illnesses including infertility and diabetes. Then in 2013, news of the confiscation of some 200,000 erotic dolls shipped from China into the US, flooded the headlines, again, because of high phthalate content! So, what’s this that’s making your favourite toys a health risk?

According to experts, these chemical plasticizers called phthalates, are a family of chemical rubber softeners used in almost all kinds of stuff – from plastic shower curtains to kids toys, even your car dashboard. These are likewise the chemical compounds that make sex dolls soft so they’re more cuddly, huggable and lovable, too. Yes, they’re that helpful and yet, no good for the health especially when mixed to things that are chewed on, just like many sex toys!

No Regulations On Adult Devices

The US FDA deems phthalates likely to be a human carcinogen. Although, experiments done on rats showed serious problem in their genital and fetal development, sadly, not much research have been done on humans. However, Greenpeace and the FDA officially stated that the presence of such chemicals on things used by people is certainly a health hazard, sex toys included.

Critics say that if kids’ toys are regulated because they can be put on their mouths, why exclude adult devices when they can be played in the same way? Well, now that you know, check out your collection. Next time when you buy, play it safe by picking on a phthalate-free and latex-free toy! Consumers have the right to protection at all times.

Let’s face it, people are still embarrassed buying and using erotic gadgets. They’re buying discreetly online. Maybe, that’s the reason why the need for sex toy regulation seem not very urgent. But, you can do something to protect yourself. Be proactive when choosing your thing. Read the package label and watch out for compounds banned for use.

Read the website before you buy and see what the toys are made of. Also, check out the warnings like ‘for external use only’, therefore, you don’t want that to go into any hole in your body! Silicone toys are acceptable. Anyway, the raunchy Private Girls Sydney can lend a hand in choosing what’s safe or not.

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