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There are times when a trip to another city just isn’t the same without a female companion to keep things lively. The sexy women featured in the pages of Private Girls Sydney are all too happy to provide that companionship. There are many things to like about them, from their looks to their personalities – and, of course, how good they are in close quarters.

Private Girls SydneyA loud moan, then quick breathing, sleek thighs on either side of my head trembling with both the effort of holding her up, and her need, her want. Soft, warm lips enclosed the head of my cock, a sharp electric shock of pleasure radiating from that contact.

This was the first time I’d seen her naked and in person, and although I’d seen a photo of her, it didn’t do the real thing justice. Her curvy hips, pert breasts and smooth belly were enticing once revealed, slowly, in the low light of the hotel room. I had divorced just last year, and wasn’t up for seeing anyone yet – but that didn’t mean I didn’t have my fun now and then.

This particular beauty was definitely fun to be with, more than just a pretty face, and nowhere was this more obvious than here and now.

Her breasts grazed my stomach as she shifted for a better position, while her shapely hand continued to stroke my cock, her hold as firm as it was gentle on the throbbing member.

I didn’t want to come too soon, but there was still a fair effort in turning my attention to her lower lips. They glistened, wet and inviting. I began to tease her as she had teased my dick earlier, with small flicks of my tongue that excited, but left her wanting more.

She moaned deep in her throat, a sound I felt more than heard because it acted like a vibrator up against my shaft. This went on for a while, her sweet juice starting to drip the more I licked and teased her cunt. Then, suddenly, I was inside her, the hot and wet friction almost too much. We both groaned as she started grinding and rocking against me, riding us both to orgasm.

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