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Private Girls Sydney | The Brain & Sex – At What Age Do Guys & Girls Start Thinking About Sex?

How often do we think about sex? And at what age do we start having sexual fantasies? While the most common (but truly baseless) notion was that guys think about sex every 7 seconds, the truth is that men and women think about sex every day, although the frequencies vary between sexes. Here’s a brief but interesting look at how early guys and girls start thinking about when, and how often.

Private Girls SydneyIt’s 19 Times A Day, According To An Ohio University Study

In a study conducted by researchers at Ohio State University, it was noted that the average man had “19 thoughts about sex a day”. This number is actually more than that of the women, who only had 10 thoughts about sex a day. The average guy’s sexual fantasy perhaps, may have also included having sex with lovely and hot Private Girls Sydney escorts.

To reach this conclusion, the study team at Ohio State University used clickers, which they gave to 283 college students. These students were divided into 3 groups, and then asked to press and record each time they thought about sleep, food or sex.

While the average number of times guys thought about sex was 19, there was a quite large variation in the number of thoughts in some peope. For example, some guys and girls said they only thought about sex once a day, while one participant clicked 388 times, which means that he had thoughts of sex every two minutes.

54% Of Men Think About Sex Several Times A Day – Kinsey Institute

The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, which has been at the forefront of advancing sexual health and knowledge globally, notes that 54% of men think about sex several times a day, while 43% think about it a few times each month.

The Kinsey Institute also noted that only 19% of women think about sex every day or several times a day, while 67% think of sex a few times a week, or a month. The institute also noted that a guy’s sexual fantasies tended to be more sexually explicit, while a woman’s sexual fantasies tended to be more emotional and romantic.

The age where men and women began having sexual fantasies or deams was aso pegged by the Kinsey Institute to be between 11-13 years old, with men recalling an earlier onset of fantasies, as compared to women.

College-Aged Guys Think About Sex 19 Times A Day

Two studies that were reported and featured in BBC Future came up with a more realistic number on how often men think about sex. The first study notes that colege-aged guys thought about sex 19 times per day, while college-aged women thought about sex just 10 times daily. The second study however only says that adults think about sex just once a day.

And if you’d like to know how long does a sexual thought last, well we don’t have any accurate figures for that yet. But according to most psychologists, the sexual thought could be fleeting, or could be just like a flashing feeling of lust after seeing a sexy lady, or hot Private Girls Sydney escorts.

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