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Private Girls Sydney – Signs and Sexual Positions, the Astrological Connection

Private Girls Sydney        You can be one who believes in the signs or not but at some point in your life, you are going to turn to it when you’re on the outs. Astrology believes that there is a position greatly allocated for a certain sign. You can choose to ignore it and you can choose to try it. Either way, you won’t be losing anything. On the contrary, you might even find it to be extremely accurate!

The expert courtesans of Private Girls Sydney have talents that will really bring you to the highest brink of your satisfaction. This is all because they know what makes you tick!


The men of Aries are known for their aggressiveness. Thus, if you’re one the type of position that will suit you are those with deeper penetration. You are very much tapped into your animalistic instinct – so a dose of rough sex is what you are searching for. The most suited position for you is the rear-entry position because you just simply adore that asstastic view.


A man of Taurus is a man of sensuality and passion. You are the type who craves for a certain soul connection during intercourses. The position for you will be the missionary. For the reason of having to gaze into the eyes of your partner while your shaft embeds itself to her deep corners, missionary will do great in your sexual bidding.


With an existence based on haste, Gemini’s are great fans of quickies. You are the type who wishes to be at many places at once. The best position for you would be the standing position. You may opt to keep her feet planted on the ground or be wrapped around your torso; this pose will give you the speedy gratification that you’re craving for!


Known for the ability to over contemplate, Cancers have the tendency to be indecisive and have split personalities. This is why girl on top positions will suit you more. Give the girl the chance to ravish your desires with her up, down and grinding motions on your rigid shaft – reaching the decision point of your intense orgasm!


The romantics of the entire sexual bunch, Leos are the type who will go out of their way in pleasing their partner. The spoon position is best suited for the man who loves to worship the personification of Aphrodite’s body. While your hardness is penetrating the walls of her love region, your hands will be all over her breasts and stimulating her wet pussy.


The one whose libido is dedicated to bringing pleasures, Virgos pleasures are anchored on the satisfaction of their partners. Two words: oral sex. Eat you lusty girl up while her legs are forming a V shape in the air and show your licking talents to impressive degrees.

These are the first part for the best sexual positions based on your sign. More are to come. While waiting, feel free to peruse the arousing galleries of Private Girls Sydney now.

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