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Private Girls Sydney | Should Women Fear The Dead Vagina Syndrome?

Have you heard of the ‘dead vagina syndrome’? Pretty sure your girlfriend or any of the hot Private Girls Sydney isn’t affected by this as she’s so alive and kicking in bed all the time.

So, what could the expression above mean? Well, according to sex specialists, it actually refers to a massive decrease in vaginal sensitivity from excessive use of vibrators. This is based on the premise that if a lady uses a vibe too much, she loses her sensitivity to clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Therefore, in the end, she becomes unable to orgasm by any other means. Perhaps, you should tell your partner to let her vagina take a break from the sex toy!

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No Evidence To Prove Existence of Dead Vagina Syndrome

According to vagina theorists, continued and consistent use of the vibrator could make the vagina desensitised to the sensation, so that it becomes ‘dead’ and defiant to any kind of pleasurable sensation. Scary, right? But fear not, there’s no medical evidence that backs up this occurrence, according to gynaecologist, Dr Shazia Malik.

It’s true that a pussy could diminish or lose its sensitivity after vibe usage. However, this is merely temporary under normal circumstances. The reduction of sensitivity could be similar to what a woman feels after giving birth, during breastfeeding of her baby, after engaging in intercourse, or else, while she’s on hormonal contraceptive treatment.

Vibrations from any kind of sex toy can make the body a little numb for a short while. A study revealed that only 0.5% of women noted losing sensitivity for more than one day of using a vibe. This makes the dead vagina syndrome a very uncommon occurrence and should not be a cause for alarm.

Without saying, there are gals out there who can orgasm from a vibrator rather than with their guys. If that’s true in your case, might as well ask your lady what makes her get-off so that you yourself may be able to figure out the missing link!

So, if she’s more at home orgasming with vibe use, never shame or mock her since there’s nothing wrong with that. What should alarm you is if the vibrator aside from your penis doesn’t work, meaning not giving her orgasm. Maybe, a trip to your sex therapist will do her good. Otherwise, help her by bringing the toy into your sex play together. Or, extend your foreplay time, giving focus to her clit to make her fully ready for actual intercourse. Masturbate her if she consents, by using the toy, and when the time comes, witness how she turns wild in bed!

From this day on, assure your female lovers including the kinky Private Girls Sydney to never worry about the dead vagina syndrome, as there’s no truth to it.

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