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Private Girls Sydney – Should Sex Be Like A Marathon Or A Sprint? Let’s Ask The World’s Runners

Should sex be done quick and fast, or should it be done slow and steady? Who would be best to answer this question, but the hundred-meter dash athletes, and marathon runners of the world! Why? Because like everyone else, runners too are not exempted from doing all the sleazy stuff in the bedroom. Thus, popular shoemaker Brooks (through its website Brooks Running) interviewed a thousand runners from all over the world (US, Canada, Italy, UK, France, Spain and Germany), on whether sex should be a marathon, or sprint. Let’s check out what the survey’s findings are.

Private Girls SydneyMore Runners Preferred Having Sex, In Intervals
Do you prefer short, but energy-filled bedroom sprints, or would you rather go for long, protracted trysts with your girlfriend, or with the lovely Private Girls Sydney?

According to the survey conducted by Brooks Running, 37% of respondents worldwide preferred having sex with “intervals”, or periods of high energy, but with breaks in between. In Italy, where the country’s former Prime Ministers are noted for having too many mistresses, 41% of respondents preferred resting in between sexual romps.

Around 34% Preferred Long, Marathon Sex Romps
The Boston Running survey asked participants from around the planet two questions – “what best describes your style of intimacy?”, and “what post-run effects turn you on the most?”.

Around 34% of respondents all over the planet preferred long, drawn-out marathon sex romps, which are slow and steady, and indicates that you’re in it for the long haul.

However, how long or protracted the sex becomes varies within regional or cultural lines. For example, The Germans, Italians and Spanish preferred having intervals to their marathon sex, while the French prefer doing things much slower, and in a more intimate manner.

The Best Sex Is Between 3 To 13 Minutes!
Whether you prefer marathon sex, or something as quick as a sprint, do you know how long should the activity last, or what’s the best duration? According to a study conducted by scientists from the Pennsylvania State University, good sex doesn’t necessarily have to last for hours. In fact, satisfactory sexual intercourse should actually be between 3 to 13 minutes.

The study involved 50 members of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research, and included nurses, doctors, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists who have attended to thousands of patients over the years.
Around 500 heterosexual couples from around the world also participated in a survey, and were given a stopwatch to measure how long it took from penile penetration to ejaculation. What was the average time across all participants? It as five minutes, four seconds.
But anyway, when you’re with the lovely Private Girls Sydney, who needs a stopwatch, as you’ll enjoy every moment of it!

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