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Private Girls Sydney | Looking to Hook Up Overseas? Here’s a Guide to the Word’s Best & Worst Lovers

What’s more thrilling than travelling overseas, and ending up in bed with a lovely lady (or a hunky guy) in a seedy part of Istanbul, Paris or Madrid? International travel has always been the allure for every single guy and girl. But before hooking up with just about any nationality out there, here are a few potentially helpful hints on which guys (or perhaps even girls?) are the best and worst lovers in the world.

12German Guys Have Been Voted the World’s Worst Lovers

If your hookup partners, or perhaps even your preferred Private Girls Sydney, are looking for some international romance, perhaps you should tell them to stay away from Northern Europe. It’s because Northern European men have been voted as among the world’s worst lovers!

For starters, German men have been voted to the worst lovers in the world, narrowly beating their British counterparts for the truly unwanted title, because they are just too smelly. On the other hand, English men are just too lazy, while Swedish men are too quick to the finish, and Dutch men are just too dominating. Here’s the list of the world’s worst lovers, based on a recent online poll.

  1. Germany (too smelly)
  2. England (too lazy)
  3. Sweden (too quick)
  4. Holland (too dominating)
  5. America (too rough)
  6. Greece (too lovey-dovey)
  7. Wales (too selfish)
  8. Scotland (too loud)
  9. Turkey (too sweaty)
  10. Russia (too hairy)

And Who are the World’s Best Lovers?

If the Germans, British, Americans, Russians and Turks are so crappy in bed, the Spanish, Brazilians, Italians and French claim the top four spots in the list of the world’s best lovers. Rounding up the list of the world’s best lovers are Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Denmark and Canada.

Well, the global online survey also noted that Australians make great lovers too. Well, just ask your favourite Private Girls Sydney and they’ll tell that Aussie men are just so hot in bed!

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