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Private Girls Sydney – Hike Your Yogurt Intake, Because It Can Lead To A Much Sexier You!

“You are what you eat”, and believe that it is true. Well, according to health experts, a person’s diet has an impact on his or her appearance, as well as their weight, complexion, muscle mass, nail strength, hair lustre, as well as their susceptibility to wrinkles, pimples and other signs of premature aging (which are all influenced by the food we eat). But here’s one staple that health, beauty and even sex experts are suggesting that you eat more, because it can lead to a sexier you, and it’s – yoghurt! Let’s find out how yoghurt can lead to a sexier and hotter you.

Private Girls SydneyHow Yoghurt (And Other Probiotics) Can Give You That Sexy Swagger
If your girlfriend, spouse or even your favourite Private Girls Sydney doesn’t like eating yoghurt, because she thinks it’s not as yummy as ice cream (or because it’s made from “bacteria”), perhaps after reading this you should be able to convince her to double or even triple her yoghurt intake!

According to a couple of researchers, who are writing for the journal Scientific American, mice that were fed with probiotic-rich yogurt exhibited a certain “swagger”, which was caused by the males projecting their testes outward. This occurred because the testicles of the yoghurt-consuming mice were 5% heavier than those of mice who were fed the usual diets.

And the effect of probiotic-rich yogurt wasn’t just an aesthetic one, as the yoghurt-eating males also inseminated their female partners much faster, and had more healthy offspring. The female yogurt-eating mice also gave birth to large litters, and were more likely to raise their pups successfully. The yoghurt diet also gave the mice shinier and silkier fur, with 10 times the active follicle density as compared to the other mice.

A Person’s Gut Bacteria Can Make Them Fitter and Sexier Too
One of the perks of eating probiotic-rich yogurt is that it helps restore a person’s gut flora, or gut bacteria. It’s because obese individuals may have 20% more of a family of bacteria called firmicutes, which help the body extract calories from complex sugars and deposit those calories into fat. These individuals also have 90% less of a good bacteria called bacteroidetes, which eliminate harmful fat.

In yet another study, obese individuals who drank a probiotic-rich fermented milk beverage for at least 12 weeks were able to reduce their abdominal fat by 5%, and their subcutaneous fat by over 3%.
Now, if your girlfriend or your preferred Private Girls Sydney is wondering what’s the best way to keep fit and sexy, perhaps you should tell them the many sexy perks of eating yoghurt everyday!

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