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Time and time again, science has shown that the giant cocks you see in porn films are rare, with most guys averaging 6 inches long, and 1 ½ inches in diameter. So you see, size is an issue if – and only if – you worry about it. The thing is, the lovely babes featured at Private Girls Sydney highly suggest against it.

Private Girls SydneyBeing trained courtesans, these girls have had their share of clientele, and therefore experience with all sorts of penises. Size is only part of the whole, and what really matters is how well you work with what you have.

1. A little bent. If your penis curves a bit to the side, try having your lady lie on her side, almost curled into a ball. Depending which way your shaft bends, one side will feel better than the other, so experiment.

Spooning is also a good idea for guys with this penis type. But make sure you don’t look embarrassed about your package. After all, a lack of confidence may put a damper on sex for both of you, which you certainly wouldn’t like.

2. Size upgrade. If you’re pretty big, position takes a back seat to foreplay. Make sure to spend lots of time arousing your woman, to give her vagina time to expand. She needs to be very horny for her to accommodate you.

Make sure to use a lot of lube, too, so that the only pain she feels is the pleasurable kind that’ll have her screaming in ecstasy, not agony.

3. Smaller than average. Being a bit on the small side is your cue to use any rear-entry position when doing the deed. Downward doggie has lying flat on her stomach and gives you great penetration. Plus, she gets added stimulation to her clit from the surface she’s lying on.

You don’t need to use too much lube if you measure less than 6 inches; in this case, friction is your ticket to orgasm.

4. Just right. Again, perfection is subjective, but for guys whose penises fall within the ‘average’ range (according to studies), any position is fair game. So experiment with her, and see which ones you like best.

Regardless, relaxation and throwing in a toy will help you both reach the finish line. So experience for yourself how true this is, and check out the gallery at Private Girls Sydney!

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