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Private Girls Sydney | 4 of the Most Common Sex Mistakes That We Commit

If you think that the world works like Sex and the City, well you’re dead wrong! The truth is that there isn’t an exact science to the game of love, or lovemaking. However there are certainly a couple of moves that will ensure that your partner won’t wish to see you again! Here’s a peek at a few of the most common sex mistakes that we commit.

Failing to Reciprocate

Here’s one sexual mistake that your girlfriend, as well as your preferred Private Girls Sydney, will hate you to the heavens!  For starters, if your lady goes down on you, and you neglect to even attempt to return her favour, then this should make you look like a certified jack-ass!

Private Girls Sydney

Refusing to Kiss After Oral

Not all ladies are too eager to coat their mouth and throat with man gravy. Thus, be very glad if your lady just performed a service for you, and if she kisses you, then a refusal of any forthcoming affection may be very insulting!

Thus, if a kiss is headed your way, do not contort your face in disgust, but instead try kissing her a bit, and then go quickly next to kissing her neck, shoulders, face, etc., until such time has passed that any offending stuff has dissolved!

Forgoing Protection

In these times where antibiotic-resistant bacteria like gonorrhoea and others are on the rise, it would definitely be very stupid to forego wearing condoms. Remember that skin-diving not only puts you and your partner at risk of getting sexually-transmitted infections, but it also shows that you do not respect her!

Poking Her Clit Like it’s a Game Console Joystick

For the uninformed, a woman’s clitoris has around 8,000+ nerve endings, which is so amazing because the clit has an area smaller than a pea! So, if you poke it too hard, it won’t feel pleasurable to her, and would otherwise feel more like an awkward jolt which resembles being stunned by a Taser gun!

So, before you do anything stupid, and risk pissing off your hookup buddy or lovely Private Girls Sydney in the process, make sure you keep these common sexual mistakes in mind!

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