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Private Girls Sydney – 3 Gender Myths in the Bedroom and Beyond

“Men are hornier than women”. “Most ladies are not interested in sex”. These are but only a few of the many myths about sex and gender, and the sad thing is that a large number of folks continue to believe in these crappy myths! So, before you fall prey to all these misconceptions and fallacies about sex and gender, here’s a peek at a few of the most common gender myths in the bedroom and beyond.

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Men Want “Sexy” While Women Want “Status”
It’s a popular underpinning of evolutionary psychology that men look for sexy women who are likely to provide them with attractive and healthy offspring while women are more concerned than men about getting a high-status mate who can be a good provider. But in these fast-paced and more flexible times, I guess you and your hookup buddies, or even your preferred Private Girls Sydney, would agree that idea is so out-of-touch with reality!

Why/ it’s because thinking about “ideal” elicits more stereotypical thoughts about women and men, and what men and women should do. But in the real world, the truth is that attraction often goes beyond the simple stereotypes!

Men Want More Sex Partners Than Women
If you ask men and women how many sex partners they’d want in a given period of time, the numbers provided by men average higher than the women’s numbers. But then again, how many sexual partners do men and women actually have today? Most studies generally find that men report more partners than women.

But in a study done in 2003, the men actually reported the same number of sexual partners as women. Another study evens says that women actually long for more sexual partners, although they’re just too shy to admit it!

Men Think About Sex More Than Women Do
Here’s one common sexual myth that I bet your hookup partners, as well as your favourite Private Girls Sydney would violently refute, because they’d say that they’d want more action in bed as much as you do!

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