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Deconstructing & Demystifying the Facts About Being Demisexual

If you’re still confused with the different gender roles or terms being used today, perhaps you could allow me to add a little more confusion to it, by introducing a new term called “demisexuality”!  Here’s a look at a few real-world facts and figures which I hope should help demystify the term “demisexual”, and make it more palatable for everyone.

How Does it Feel to be Demisexual?

If you’ve never had a crush on anyone in your whole life, or never felt gooey-eyed at the sight of hot ladies like the alluring Private Girls Sydney, then perhaps you’ve already become demisexual!

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However, according to the 2014 AVEN Community Census, which analysed demisexuality, around a third of demisexuals do enjoy sex, while another third are “sex repulsed”, and the others feel “indifferent”.

By the way, a demisexual is defined as “a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone”. This is more commonly seen in, but by no means confined to, romantic relationships.

The term comes from the orientation being “halfway between” sexual and asexual; nevertheless it does not mean that demisexuals have an incomplete or half-sexuality. In general, these individuals are not sexually attracted to anyone of any gender, but when a demisexual is emotionally connected to someone else (regardless whether the feelings are deep friendship or romantic love), the individual experiences sexual attraction and desire, but only towards the specific partner.

These Individuals Simply Lack Sexual Attraction Until a Close Relationship is Formed 

According to researchers, demisexuals are not choosing to abstain from sex, but they simply lack a sexual attraction until a close relationship is formed. So, a person who identifies as a demisexual does not experience “primary” sexual attraction, but does “secondary” sexual attraction instead.

Primary sexual attraction is usually based on outward qualities like a person’s looks, or personality, while secondary sexual attraction is one that stems from a connection (often romantic), or how closely the individual is in relationship to the other.

But hey, if you’re straight, and perfectly normal, then be very glad, because you’re perfectly in tune with your sexuality, and you’re perfectly at ease in dating the hot and alluring Sydney Private Girls!

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