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3 Super-Scary STI Trends to Watch out For This 2017

Sex can be wonderful, adrenaline-rushing and truly ecstatic. Why? A truly good bang can definitely leave you with a grin that’s wider than that weird rabbit in the Wizard of Oz movie! However, like anything else in life, sex also carries certain risks, like the possibility of getting your back broken after doing something acrobatic, or by contracting a wide array of frightening sexually-transmitted infections! Here are a couple of super-scary STI trends to watch for this year.

Super Gonorrhea


52Here’s one reason why you should always take the necessary precautions when doing the deed with your girlfriend, or your preferred Private Girls Sydney – the rise of super gonorrhea!


Since the basic gonorrhea is already a tough bitch to spell, a new and highly drug-resistant super strain of the STI was first detected by public health authorities in England last year. Super gonorrhea does not respond to the usual doses of azithromycin drugs that are typically prescribed as treatment. This deadly spawn of gonorrhea has risen through the combined powers of more people having unprotected sex, and the inefficiency of doctors who overzealously prescribe antibiotics!

Bacterial Vaginosis

According to health experts, bacterial vaginosis (BV) arises when the balance of bacteria in the vagina becomes disrupted, as the vagina usually contains friendly bacteria called lactobacilli, which produce lactic acid (which stops nasty bacteria from growing there).

But when a woman’s lactobacilli level drops, which means that their innards aren’t as acidic as they should be, the growth of bad bacteria can lead to the onset of BV!

Anal Chlamydia

As more and more people are engaging in anal sex than ever before, it comes as no surprise that cases of anal chlamydia are on the rise too. Sex experts also stress that the growing popularity of anal sex among heterosexuals has been linked to increased access to and imitation of pornography.

So, before any of these dreaded STI’s affect you and your hookup buddy, or lovely Sydney Private Girls, always put a premium on safety and responsible sexual attitudes, so that you’ll remain free from these truly distressing diseases!

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