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Private Girls Sydney – UK Survey Reveals Young People Don’t Use Condoms When Sexing

It might shock you to know the current reality that young men and women today are having sex without protection. Yes, and that’s despite government’s massive campaign to promote awareness. Do you belong to the 16-24 year-old age bracket? If so, then perhaps, you’re also among the condom non-user. In Australia, you can’t have sex with any of the delightful Private Girls Sydney if you don’t use rubbers!

Findings from a YouGov survey show that close to 47% of sexually active people in the UK have had intercourse with someone new without using condoms. Even with the prevalence of STIs, one in ten sexually-active women and men aged between 16-24 years old have so far, never used a condom. And worse, six in ten people of that age bracket were diagnosed to have been infected with chlamydia and gonorrhoea infections.

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Experts pinpoint varying factors that contribute to that statistic, although it isn’t clear to them why this is happening:
Delivery and content of sex education is poor.
Young adults feel embarrassed to buy contraceptives.
Promotion of contraception on TV and films is insufficient.

Just this month of December, the UK government through the Public Health England launched its sexual health program, the first in eight years, to address this alarming incidence. Titled, Protect Against STIs, the campaign established its goal of raising awareness of the fatal consequences of contracting STIs by promoting condoms as the most effective way of protecting one’s self. They say further that often times STIs including pelvic inflammatory disease, and even meningitis don’t manifest symptoms so, it’s hard to tell who has the condition.

Surprisingly, if young people use contraception particularly the pill, that’s because they want to avoid unwanted pregnancy, yet, oblivious to the fact that they’re at risk of infections for not using rubber. True, they’re worried about pregnancy but, not bothered by STIs. The same survey likewise shockingly reveals – “56% of men and 43% of women find it difficult to talk about STIs with their friends, and 58% said that if they had an STI they’d find it difficult to discuss with their sexual partner.”

Launched last 15 December, Protect Against STIs makes use of a nationwide digital advertising campaign especially produced for young people where real humans shared their stories of their experiences with STI. Even if you’re an adult and in a monogamous relation still, it’s wise to get protection when having coitus, according to sex and relationship experts.

It is only by using condoms that one can avoid chlamydia or gonorrhoea and other sex-related infections. Have yourself checked regularly. Use a sock with a new partner or one whose sexual health results need confirmation. With the sultry Private Girls Sydney, oral, vaginal, and anal sex will always be safe.

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