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Private Girls Sydney | Top Poses for Taking Control in Sex

Taking control in the bedroom is something many blokes love to do – and their gorgeous partners often love them for it. The lovely ladies at Private Girls Sydney know there are positions that put you completely in charge when you have sex – and here they are.

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1. Pleasurable V. Kneel on the bed, then lift her until she can rest her knees on your shoulders, her hips on your lap. This pose makes it easy for you to thrust into her, and gives you an awesome view of her body.

She’ll love the different sensations because of the new angle, and there’s enough room for her to reach down to fondle her clit while you thrust away. Just be forewarned – this takes a good bit of strength in your arms.

2. Take it to the wall. You can just push her up against the nearby wall, taking her then and there, or you can do something extra by carrying her. Whichever route you choose, this pose is an awesome mix of intimate and sexual. She doesn’t really have any choice but to stay there, especially if her feet are off the floor.

If you’re looking for a pose for a rough, but passionate quickie, or one that can be the introduction to something more intimate, this is the one for you.

3. Doggy. When you talk about sex positions that put you in charge, this is likely the one you think of first. If any position really lets you give in to your desires and focus only on sensations, this is it. Both of you can enjoy the pleasure from you penetrating her from behind, and you hold her in place.

Shallow or deep, fast or slow thrusts – it’s up to you. She can also change the position a bit by moving her legs closer or farther apart. This pose is also perfect for light spanking, hair pulling – sensations that ladies have said can increase their arousal. You can play with her breasts, too, or double her pleasure by toying with her clit.

So when you’re in the mood to take control of the wheel, take your pick from the top positions above. If you’ve no partner to do the dirty with, browse the pages at Private Girls Sydney to find the best courtesan to be with you, now!

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