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There are several sayings that can apply to sex, such as that of giving someone an inch and them taking a mile; some people really are more taker than giver. Thankfully, this isn’t true of the gorgeous courtesans from sydney private girls. Their focus is on making sure you enjoy your time with them so what usually happens is you give a little, but get a lot in return.

Private Girls Sydney

My palms caressed her sides, her hips and thighs, while she moaned into the kiss and molded her curves to my body. I could feel her full breasts pressed up against my chest, and I knew she couldn’t ignore my pulsing boner for much longer. True enough, she dropped one hand to my groin and fumbled with my belt buckle and pants.

Before she could kneel and take my cock in her mouth, though, I stopped her so I could undress her, reaching to undo her bra. It fell away and I pushed her firmly against the wall, one hand kneading the soft flesh. I made my way down to her boobs, planting kisses now and then or sucking or licking as I moved.

Soon, one nipple was in my mouth, and I started sucking on it lightly. I heard and felt her moan, her hand on my head. I turned my attention to the other nipple once the first one was hard enough; by that time, she was moving her hips in small circles, grinding against me.

Finally, she dropped to her knees, one hand circling my dick and her mouth slipping over the head. It was my turn to moan as she started sucking, gently, her tongue coming out to flick the tip now and then. Her hand stroked my shaft, moving slowly at first, then faster as I neared orgasm. Then I felt it – a slight jerking in my organ as I exploded in her mouth, some of the white jizz leaking from the corners of her lips.

I leaned against the wall as she cleaned me up, caught up in ecstasy as she teased me to another erection. The next thing I knew, I was taking her on the floor, her legs resting on my shoulders as I thrust into her again and again.

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