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Private Girls Sydney – Things to Toss If Your Girl’s Moving In with You

In several countries, couples living together for a few months to years before marriage aren’t unheard of. Usually, this is so they get used to the idea of sharing space before they settle down together for good. There are others who feel marriage isn’t for them, but they see their partner exclusively all the same – they don’t even hire Sydney Private Girls on the side now and then.

Moving in together isn’t a decision to be made lightly, so if you and your girlfriend plan to do just that, you’ll have some work to do. You won’t need to just tidy up and help her move her things to your flat. There are actually several things you need to get rid of, for various reasons. Here are the ones that really shouldn’t be lying around your bedroom when your girl moves in.

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  1. Any toy collection. You don’t have to actually throw these away, since you spent money on them and they obviously have sentimental value for you. Move them out of the bedroom instead and into storage. Whether your collection includes action figures or robot models, they’re the last thing you want displayed on a shelf in full view of your bed; sex could get awkward when you see them.

Again, being attached to them is fine, unless it reaches a point where you insist these toys stay in the bedroom.

  1. Anything your ex owned. From her clothes to sensitive items like tampons and even her makeup, you need to toss them. Donate the clothes to charity or sell them, and bin the rest – do what you need to in order to get them out of your house. You don’t want your girl to find, say, her make-up pouch and ask if you’re seeing another girl, or ask why you’re hanging on to her stuff.

  1. Your old couch and old mattress. Many things have happened on your couch and in your bed throughout the years, and it’s likely that they’re falling apart. You’ll be able to relax if you know the couch isn’t going to suddenly give way, and that the bed will be firm yet comfortable. You’re making room for a new partner, so it makes sense to get rid of the old things that could remind you of your ex.

  1. Old sex toys. It isn’t just about age. You need to get rid of them because using them would be unsanitary. You don’t want your sexy partner getting a vaginal infection just from using the same dildo you used on your ex-girlfriend, right? So do yourself a favour and get rid of them. You’ll enjoy choosing new sex toys together, in any case.

Remember: getting rid of the above means you’re ready to take the next step in life. However, if you’re still single and sometimes engage one of the Private Girls Sydney you find online, you don’t have to toss any of them, unless you’re making space.

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