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Private Girls Sydney | The Latest Facts, Figures & Arguments Regarding “Low” Libido

If you just don’t feel like having sex with your partner (for no clear reason at all) and you’ve been feeling that way for a week already, then you may be suffering from a case of “low libido”. According to health experts, low libido can be caused by a wide array of factors, from the lack of sleep to excess alcohol intake, depression and others. However “low” libido remains a highly debatable issue, because some say that it has a biological cause, while others just say that it may just be due to the lack of carnal desire or urge.

How Prevalent Is Low Libido?
In a global sex survey which took place in 2004 in 19 countries, and involved 27,000 men and women, around 30 to 40 percent of respondents reported a considerable lack of interest in sex, for several months in a year. Well, perhaps guys could get much-needed help from outside experts, like lovely Private Girls Sydney, so they could get their sex life back on track?

Private Girls SydneyThe survey participants were given questionnaires, and asked quesitons like “how often do you think aboput sex?’. Majority of males answered that they think about sex everyday (and more frequently), wile only 25% of women thought about sex every day. In the US, 34% of women (of various ages) also reported a lack of interest in sex over the year, while only 17% of men lacked sex for long periods.

What Are The Common Causes Of Low Libido?
Health experts agree that a person’s low libido can be caused by a wide array of factors both internal and external. The most common causes include stress, depresion, low self-esteem, alcohol or drug use, use of certain medications, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance erectile dysfunction, menopause and certain health conditions.

With chronic stress, the body’s hormone levels are disrupted, and can lead to a low interest in sex. Because of stress, the arteries can also narrow, and restrict blood flow, and thus lead to erectile dysfunction.

And although a minimal amount of alcohol can make you relax, or lose your inhibitions, too much of it can impair the nervous system, and make you less aroused. Certain substances like marijuana can also muzzle the pituitary gland, which controls the production of testosterone, and cause low libido.

How is Low Libido Treated?
The treament options for low libido vary with the underlying causes. For exampe, if the main culprit is low testosterone, then the patient can be give testosterone supplements. According to sex experts, 25% of men today get weekly testosterone shots, while others are given skin patches or gel formulas which are directly applied to the skin, abdomen or shoulders.

Many health experts agree that the normal sexual arousal process follows the pattern of “desire, arousal and orgasm”. A healthy libido includes having lots of sexual fantasies too. So if you suffer from low libido, your health care provider should be the first person to go to, so that they can determine if it’s due to an underlying health issue.

Your physician could also suggest that you participate in therapies like anxiety management and CBT, or cognitive behavior therapy, which helps break the cycle of negative thinking. Once you recover, always make sure you get a healthy dose of sex daily or weekly, with your spouse or your favorite Private Girls Sydney.

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