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Private Girls Sydney | The Clumsy Couple’s Guide To Safe & Steamy Shower Sex

The shower is a place where people take long, protracted wash-ups, or quick sponge baths. However, the shower has a much loftier, and sleazier place in society, because in many movies and TV shows, you’ll see people doing steamy quickies and other stuff apart from washing up (particularly when no one’s around!) However, shower sex can be painful, uncomfortable and awkward, especially if you don’t know how to do things right. Here’s the clumsy couple’s guide to safe yet steamy shower sex.

Private Girls SydneyShower Sex Can Be Extremely Acrobatic
Perhaps you’ve already tried having sex in the shower, whether with your girlfriend, or with your preferred Private Girls Sydney. Well, the truth is that many couples find it hard to have sex in the shower, because they often rely on the same sex positions that they employ on dry land (like the missionary and standing-up poses).

But as long as the shower has lots of knobs and racks where you can safely rest your hands, and conveniently hold on to while having sex, then the chances of slipping on the wet floor, and banging your head on the tiles, would seem an unlikely prospect!

To keep things simple, you could ask your partner to face the wall, brace her hands, and bend over. This should make things more stable and slip-proof, especially if you’re using a non-stick mat.

Not All Lubricants Are Made For Shower Sex
Many couples often think that just because they have water-based lubes at hand, then shower sex should be as quick and fun as on dry land. However, the truth is that water-based lubricants quickly wash away in the shower or bath tub, which will make sex inconvenient and uncomfortable.

So if you’re planning some hot and wet shower fun, better go for silicon-based lubricants, as these last longer, are much slicker and are tough to wash away too. Silicone-based lubes are also compatible with condoms, thus making shower sex safe and sanitary.

And for anyone who has spent a lot of time in the showers, perhaps they’ll agree that warm water can dry the skin too, and cause it to crack or become prune-like at some point. And on the giving end, it may be quite be a challenge for the guy to successfully penetrate his partner.

The shower, with it’s wet floors and slippery surfaces, is still considered a great place to have sex of course. But according to most sex experts, it would seem like showers make a perfect location for initiating foreplay, partial sex or after-play.

In terms of foreplay, the couple could start by soaping each other, and performing sensual body massage. And once the soaping and fondling are done, the couple could follow it up with oral sex, before transferring to dry land, regardless of they do it in the bed, or couch!

Whether you get down and dirty in the shower, or the swimming pool (or in a dark and dreary street corner) the number one rule of sex is to have fun! So before heading off to the showers (or anywhere), make sure that everyone, including your favourite Private Girls Sydney, stays safe, gets the required accessories, and enjoys the whole erotic experience!

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