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Private Girls Sydney Tales – One Night of My Many Erotic Journeys (Part 1)

The night was young and so was I. The clock had just struck midnight when I heard my doorbell rang. Shaking from utter excitement, I welcomed the overly erotic courtesan into my residence. She had light brown hair and pale skin. She was stunning and looking down onto her figure, you’re able to witness the epitome of intense sexuality. The vixen from Private Girls Sydney had really brazen breasts and a firm buttock. Beholding such sight, I knew then and there that this will be my best birthday yet.

I was amazed with the way she did what she was told. I like my women sentient but not overly talkative. As a matter of fact, I prefer that the only sound I heard from her would be her moans.

Private Girls SyndeyIt was hard to contain my eagerness as I sat there waiting for her to dress up in the clothes I’ve prepared for her. My sexual taste has uniqueness embedded all over it. See I like to spice things up, as my favourite thing to do is role playing and that’s how it has always been for me. Already sporting my own costume, I went outside when I knew she was ready.


It’s ShowTime. I had just sneaked inside the house whilst wearing the balaclavas I had prepared. I am to play the burglar and she was to play the damsel in distress that I shall finally take advantage of. Going around the house, it took me a while to locate where the vixen had situated herself. Finally, I see her bending down to reach for a box of milk in the fridge. She was wearing a see through robe that highlighted the lacy white lingerie she was wearing underneath. She was quite the liberated lass, strutting inside the house in such an outfit.


I watched her as I stroked my throbbing cock through my jeans. I was already itching to ravage her pale body when out of the blue she purposefully bent over to pick something up. That was my undoing, I approached her as stealthy as I could and grabbed her with my right hand covering her mouth. “Scream and I’ll kill you” I said with a very raspy voice and she replied with a hesitant yet gentle nod.


I bent her over the kitchen counter whilst I ripped her panties off. One of my hands was stroking her breast as the other hurried to unbuckle my already tight jeans. “Please… don’t do this, my husband will be home soon” she pleaded convincingly. “I’ve been watching your sexy ass through the window, and I want it,” I answered back pinning her down as I plunged my hardened cock roughly inside of her wet pussy. She was wet, which meant she secretly liked this. I was just positioning myself for the intense thrusting when she raised her butt even more to meet me. With that, I had felt the walls of her pussy tighten around my cock deliciously as she had no choice but to take it all in. I am seriously ravaging this vixen to every bit of my carnal desire.


To be continued…


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