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Private Girls Sydney | Sex Positions to Burn Calories and Get Toned

Sex is good for you. Research has shown it can help you prevent the common cold, and it can alleviate a migraine. Then there’s the fact a lot of people have found out, whether they’re Private Girls Sydney or not – that is, sex can help you burn calories.

There are some positions that serve as better exercises compared to others, depending on what you want to strengthen. You want a reason to have more sex, right? Well, here they are.

Private Girls Sydney1. Lotus position. You’re sitting cross-legged, with your girl in your lap, her legs wrapped around your waist. Sure, it’s a pretty hot position because her boobs are pressed right up against your chest, unless she’s leaning back to give you more room for thrusting. Either way, this position is great for your hips, core, and lower-back endurance.

If you find your legs fall asleep whenever you sit down that way, try stretching your legs out in front of you and bending your knees just a little. It should give you a bit more stability, while making it a little harder for you to thrust, meaning you get more of a core workout.

2. Missionary. It’s a classic, and it gets the job done. It helps you work on your core, your upper-body strength, and your hip strength. You can either go slow to get you both warmed up, or turn up the tempo and use it to finish – it depends on what you like best, really.

Make this position a bit more challenging yet erotic by lifting her up by her hips, or having her lock her legs around you. It opens her up more so you can go in deeper, while giving you more weight to lift.

3. Suspended congress. Also known as the stand-and-carry, it involves you carrying your girl while you take care of business. She holds on to your shoulders and wraps her legs around your waist as well. You get a great arm workout while thrusting away, not to mention you’re also strengthening your legs and back.

If you want to make sure you don’t accidentally drop her, you can have her lean against a wall instead, with you still lifting her up.

4. Flat-iron. This position can be seen as a variant of doggy-style, with the girl on her belly and lifting her hips slightly while you take her from behind. In a way, you’re doing a combination of a kneeling push-up and hip thrusts. Again, you target your hips and core with this position, as well as your chest and arms.

The one drawback is that you can’t fondle her boobs, but it’s going to feel great for you both. After all, her legs are close together, meaning she’s tighter, and she gets added stimulation to her pubic mound.

Want to try these sex workouts yourself? If you don’t have a long-term partner, you can always browse online for Private Girls Sydney to help you out.

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