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Private Girls Sydney | Sex Acts That Are Deeply Overrated

If you think that sex acts or moves like the missionary or doggy-style are just so common, or too “vanilla”, which erotic moves are just so overrated? Well, if you’re clueless as to what erotic acts are highly overrated, here’s a list of a few of the most overrated (Although that assumption didn’t come from me, but from some sex expert!).

Kitchen Counter Sex

Perhaps you may have already seen a few porn flicks where the couple bangs and shags in a kitchen counter. And I guess you may have also tried this with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sexy Private Girls Sydney!

Private Girls Sydney

But then again, kitchen counter sex is damn harder than expected, as the lady tries to balance herself while sitting on the edge of a worktop, while the guy stands firm and thrusts at her with powerful strokes, while her bum gets covered in flour, butter or whatever it was that they were cooking before the lust took over!

Shower Sex

While a lot of films show couples having sex in the shower, doing it in real life can be quite tough. Well, if you can do this without falling over or getting uncomfortably dry, I will definitely give you a commendation!

And although shower sex definitely looks so hot in porn, with slick, wet and soapy bodies humping in all manner of positions, in real life it can be far trickier that what these porn stars are trying to let us think about. Why? Because most people I know lack walk-in showers, and they have to make do with balancing in the bath!

So, instead of shagging in the shower with your girlfriend, or with the lovely Sydney Private Girls (and risk breaking your back or legs in the process) why not wait until your partner has just emerged from the shower, lie them in the cold tile on the bathroom floor, and get her all dirty again!

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