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Private Girls Sydney | Oral Sex Techniques That Will Make the Ladies Scream with Delight

If your oral sex skills are currently below the usual, perhaps it’s time you need to polish them quickly, because according to the LELO Global Survey, over 90% of women enjoy receiving cunnilingus, and around 60% of these ladies say they can climax from it. But while many ladies love receiving cunnilingus, around 30% of them admit that their guys need to improve on their oral skills. Here’s a look at a few oral sex techniques that will leave ladies screaming in erotic delight.

Cunnilingus Cowgirl

According to sex experts, good oral sex is something that is made and broken by enthusiasm, but understanding of anatomy doesn’t hurt. And of course acquainting you with the different cunnilingus techniques, and trying them on your girlfriend, or lovely Private Girls Sydney, is the best way to start!

Private Girls Sydney

If your lady likes to switch back and forth from light to hard, this is an ideal oral sex position to try out. To do this, lie back and put your arms under and behind her thighs as she straddles your face. She can lift herself up for light flicks of your tongue, or they can slowly grind if they want something more intense!

Up, Down & ALL Around

Analingus can be a wonderful addition to oral sex, although there are a few considerations to take. First, the addition of a water-based lubricant can make this more comfortable for both the giver and receiver.

It would also be best to use a dental dam, or cut latex glove or condom, so it will act as a barrier to anal contact, as well as to prevent the possible spread of bacteria, especially when switching back and from vaginal stimulation.

Light as a Feather

To do this technique, use light but wet flicks of the tongue from the bottom of the labia minora and majora up to the clitoris and then down again, alternating with light kisses on the inside of the thighs.

After the warm up, you can use your fingers and tongue upon the clitoris, or wherever you get the most enthusiastic response from your girlfriend, or from the hot and alluring Sydney Private Girls!

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