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Private Girls Sydney – New Survey Reveals That More People Are Showing Interest in Polyamory

While you may already know that stuff like threesomes, and the doggy-style position, have become quite popular erotic items today, here’s one sex-related activity or practice that you never thought became mainstream, but has now received a lot of interest from couples, and it’s called “polyamory”! Find out more about why polyamory is gaining a lot of interest from people today.

What Exactly is Polyamory?

What do TV shows or series like Girls, I Love Dick and the House of Cards have in common? Well, according to sex experts they all feature couples in an open relationship, or in relationships where they have more than one romantic or sexual partner! If you still don’t have a clearer picture of this, I guess you need to watch these TV shows with your girlfriend, or with your favourite Private Girls Sydney!

Private Girls Sydney

According to psychologists and social scientists, polyamory (Which comes from the Greek words “poly” meaning many, and “amor”, which means love)  refers to the practice of or desire of intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the knowledge of all partners. This relationship has often been described as consensual, ethical and responsible monogamy.

Those who practice polyamory often reject the view or notion that sexual and relational exclusivity are necessary for committed and long-term loving relationships. And in one study published in the Journal of Sex Research, more people are showing interest in polyamory today.

More Folks are Googling it up Too

And to fully determine if more and more people were truly starting to show interest in polyamory, social scientists and researchers at the College of Engineering at Purdue University in the US looked at data gathered from Google Trends, which stores what folks are looking for using the Google Search Engine.

They discovered that searchers for terms like polyamory and open relationships increased over time, while searchers for terms like “swingers” (Which is a more old-fashioned term for polyamory) decreased over time.

This shows that an increasing number of guys and girls are thinking about non-monogamy, and are looking for reliable information about polyamory too, and they’re not just curious about it. Perhaps you could ask your hookup partner too, as well as your preferred Private Girls Sydney, on what they have to say about this unique relationship model!

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