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When sex is involved, you’re sure to like something different compared to your best friend, even your colleague. However, one thing that guys enjoy is oral sex. A good blow job especially, is memorable for a guy. And the ladies from Private Girls Sydney know this all too well.

Private Girls Sydney She was leaning against the counter top near the sink, her legs around my waist and arms around my shoulders. One of her hands was pulling my head closer to hers, to deepen the torrid kiss we’d found ourselves in. I responded, running my hands down her torso, then massaging one of her boobs, and she replied by moaning into the kiss.

I slid my free hand behind her, cupping her butt and bucking my hips against hers, letting her feel how hard I was. Another moan, but she managed to whisper, in broken sentences, how we should go into one of the stalls. Even if there was no one else around, I agreed.

I’d just barely locked the door when I realise that this dark-haired beauty had undone my pants and brought my cock out, soft fingers trailing fire down the length. She dropped to her knees, still stroking me, and began licking the head, slowly and deliberately.

When she ran her warm tongue on the underside of my cock, it was like a jolt of electricity had shot through me, and it was my turn to moan with pleasure. One of her hands was playing with my balls, even as she took the head into her mouth, and it took all my control not to thrust away. I wasn’t sure if she’d like it, after all.

She took more of my cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it as she did so. That, plus her stimulating my balls and her continued sucking was driving me crazy. I started thrusting into her mouth, slow thrusts that let her stick to her rhythm. I could feel my climax building, a throbbing in my groin that was so good it was almost painful.

Then, suddenly, it ebbed away, and just her hands were working on my cock as she stood up and turned around, her ass pressing up against me. She wanted me inside her – and so did I.

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