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Private Girls Sydney – Hidden Places to Touch Her that Are Actually Out in the Open

There’s no such thing as a roadmap to pleasure, unless you’ve been with that one partner for quite some time so you know how best to turn up the heat. Otherwise, it’ll be time for trial and error when you get in bed with them, even with one of the Private Girls Sydney you engage now and then. So what does that mean for you when it comes to sex?

Private Girls SydneyIt’s not so much a guide or map to turning her on, but knowing these other places to touch and tease her will definitely turn up the heat in bed.

  1. Women usually complain of having their hair messed up, because it’s their crowning glory. The haircuts, colouring, and regular washing all help to enhance her looks, so when you pay attention to it, even just by running your fingers through those locks, it turns up the heat for her.
  1. Even the lightest touch, lick, or bite can send shivers down her spine when it comes to her earlobes. Women love how a man’s lips feel on them, especially if you do so gently. Try a gentle nip at another spot on her ear besides the lobe, to see how she reacts.
  1. There’s a good reason this body part is on the list, besides some blokes having a foot fetish. You may have read or heard that her arousal depends on how relaxed she is; you may also have learned that a foot rub can help someone unwind. That means giving her a good foot massage can help arouse her more later on. Don’t forget the massage oil or lotion.
  1. A little pressure on her lower abdomen can actually help get her more aroused, since that area is also linked to her pleasure centres. The pelvis is generally one of the best spots for teasing her. After all, you can get close to her nether regions without actually touching her down there, and keep her guessing about when you’ll close in on the ‘target’.
  1. Backs of her knees. You might be surprised at how sensitive this area actually is – try and brush against it while you’re out in public (this’ll be easier if she’s in a skirt). Doing something unexpected, such as touch the backs of her knees, will send a tingle down her spine. Obviously, that’s what you want to happen, even before you get to the bedroom.
  1. Inner thighs. Like her hips and pelvic area, this is a teasing hotspot – caressing her there makes her feel that much sexier. Use small, circular motions to massage her inner thighs and open her lower lips a bit. Then lick or stroke your way up, stopping before you reach her pussy. It will definitely drive her wild with lust the longer you wait.

Whether you’re with a long-term partner or one of the Private Girls Sydney you find online, not neglecting these areas will boost your sexy playtime together.

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