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Private Girls Sydney | Flavoured Lube: How Do You Want Your Oral Sex To Taste?

How come lubricants today have got various flavours? Was this due to the demands of raunchy women and men who hate the taste of cunnilingus and fellatio? Would you ever think of using a flavoured lube when getting down and dirty with your inamorata or with the sizzling Private Girls Sydney?

Well obviously, some folks just want to cover up or hide the taste of semen and vaginal fluid so maybe, that was the foremost reason why manufacturers have to create the first wave of lubes with strawberry and banana flavours. Another thing, you may never know when your lubed hand ever gets to any part of your body, more so your mouth!

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As you know, businessmen don’t only think of creating products that are highly demanded but continue innovations on items that are selling briskly. And it’s not surprising to see a wide range of flavoured lubes on the shelves these days. Apart from making your sex life smooth and slick, the flavoured stuff are likewise touted to make oral intercourse more delicious, of course.

The Taste Depends On The Ingredients

Glycerin is what makes a lube taste sweet or not. Unfortunately, some people have a tendency to get yeast infection. If you’re likely to, then, better avoid a lube made sweet to the taste because of glycerin and not some artificial sweetener. Now, if you taste some ‘chemical’ or a tinge of bitterness, that may be due to silicone.

Another thing to bear in mind is that, most flavoured lubes contain parabens which can cause allergic reactions to certain people. Might as well avoid flavoured lubricants altogether if you think your skin is so sensitive or if you’re having multiple chemical sensitivities.  Don’t be misled by the tempting images appearing on the package like chocolate, strawberry or peach. Remember that these lube manufacturers aren’t nutritionists or food experts. These are astute capitalists with inventive minds and out to rake in millions from their saleable products. So, lower your expectations.

If you’re too embarrassed to ask your friendly drug store salesclerk, here are some popular flavoured lubricants to start with:

  1. Good Clean Love – is a vegan lube made from 95% organic ingredients, tasting and smelling of lavender rose or cinnamon vanilla, without aspartame or artificial sweeteners, but has some chemical preservatives.
  1. Probe – has glycerin but no parabens with a natural preservative, grapefruit seed extract. It

has no taste or smell although having a unique texture similar to natural vaginal lubrication.

  1. Astroglide – is sweet-tasting, has glycerin and parabens, but without artificial sweetener.

There are tons of other products on the Internet. Better ask the veteran Private Girls Sydney for what they think are the best.

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