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It can be awkward when you’re in bed with a truly gorgeous lady. After all, how many partners would she have had, and can you measure up to them? For the women at Private Girls Sydney, skill doesn’t matter. For them, all that matters is your pleasure.

Private Girls Sydney She let out a small scream as I started to lick her faster, one finger lightly stroking her clit. She pushed against my tongue, as though trying to get more of that sweet sensation. I slowed down, wanting to draw it out more and wanting to hear her moans.

“Put it in…” she breathed, her voice husky with her want; Gods, I wanted nothing more than that, so I complied, kissing and licking my way up her torso. I stopped to massage and tease her breasts for a few minutes, though she didn’t seem to mind.

Finally, I thrust into her moist, yet still tight cunt, burying my cock in her tightness. Her fingers dug into my shoulder and she bucked her hips against mine. We rocked together, back and forth, trying to find that perfect rhythm. Then she held herself steady, legs locked around my waist and sending a thrill through me.

I was close to cumming when she lowered herself a little, hands still on my shoulders. She pushed me down onto the bed, so that she was straddling me. Slowly, she started riding me, moving up and down, her breasts bouncing lightly with her movements. Seeing my cock sliding in and out of her was incredibly hot.

I propped myself up a bit, to make it easier for me to give her a hand and stimulate her clit. She let out another small scream when I did so. I sat up fully, wanting to feel her boobs again – again, there were no complaints. I felt her back arch as I started licking my way around her breasts, heard a loud gasp when I sucked on a nipple.

The way she gave her all in bed made it easy for me to roll with it, acting by feel, knowing where to touch and how to do it, thanks to her reactions. I couldn’t ask for a better partner, or a better sexual experience.

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