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Private Girls Sydney | Analysing The Facts And The Science Behind Exhibitionism

Perhaps you’ve seen a couple of guys and girls running naked across a football field during a football match before. Or you’ve seen young college girls lifting their shirts (or skirts) to reveal their breasts and buttocks during a rock concert. Well, these are but a few of the manifestations of a phenomenon (or disorder) called “exhibitionism”, which is defined as a compulsion to display one’s genitals to an unsuspecting stranger. Let’s take a brief yet insightful look at the facts, and science behind exhibitionism.

Private Girls SydneyIt’s One Of The Most Common Paraphilias Today
If you ask a psychologist or mental health expert to talk about exhibitionism, perhaps he or she will tell you that it’s a disorder which is more common than you expected. Well, thankfully you don’t take off your clothes in the streets, but only in your room, when you play around with Private Girls Sydney!

According to the DSM-IV-TR, or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, exhibitionism is grouped in a heading called “paraphilias”. Paraphilias refer to a group of mental disorders that are marked by an obsession with unusual sexual acts and practices, or with sexual activity that involves non-consenting or inappropriate partners like children and even animals. The term is taken from two Greek words which mean “outside of” and “friendship-love”.

The Different Types Of Exhibitionism
Exhibitionism manifests, or is practised in different ways. For example, one of the most common forms is called “flashing”, where guys and girls expose their genitals to unexpected passers-by, so that they can get an arousal out of those around them.

Another form of exhibitionism is called “mooning”, where the individual exposes his or her buttocks to someone, anyone, in order to insult or amuse them. “Streaking” is another form of exhibitionism, which involves stripping down naked and running in a public space, where the person simply aims to shock others.

“Anasyrma” refers to the act of lifting your skirt to reveal the fact that you are not wearing anything underneath. “Candaulism” refers to the act of removing or pushing aside one person or partner’s clothing to reveal their breasts or genitals.

Who Are The Most Common Offenders?
Whether it’s flashing, streaking or mooning, sex experts point out that nearly all the individuals arrested for exhibitionism are male. Why? Perhaps the reason is that certain subcultures in society accept exhibitionism as something normal, especially for women (where they can take off their clothes in strip clubs, pole-dancing parties, or exotic dancing events).

Exhibitionism also makes up for a third of all arrests of sex offenders. A typical offender will be in his twenties, and will expose himself to a woman aged 16 to 30. Around half of offenders report no gratification whatsoever from the act itself, although they cherish, and value, the shocked reaction of the woman. And if the woman pays scant attention to the exhibitionist, or tells him how dumb or foolish he is, then it wrecks the erotic value or quality of the event.

If you get turned on by exposing yourself to people, or to your favourite Private Girls Sydney, why not consider setting up role-play scenarios with your partner, where he or she is “surprised” by your exposure. This should help to keep things safe, and discreet!

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