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Private Girls Sydney – 6 Ways to Give Her the Best Oral Sex of Her Life

So you’re wondering how to give her the best pussy licking ever. Or maybe, you’re planning to give it to her tonight, but you’re still undecided, as you don’t know exactly how to do it. According to Private Girls Sydney, giving a woman oral sex is something that must be done the right way. After all, women desire it so much, despite them being secretive about it. Well, below are some tips to help you become an expert at eating pussies.

Private Girls SydneyThe Labial Lock
Gently hold your partner’s outer labia together with your lips and then run your tongue between the inner and outer labia one side at a time. This is a great way to up the ante and demonstrate your sexual prowess.

Apply Some Tongue Tricks
The outer third of a woman’s vagina is the most sensitive part. Target this sensitive area with your tongue by inserting it slightly into her vaginal opening. Try moving your tongue in and out, as well as in circles around the inside of her opening.

The Flick
The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s anatomy and this technique lavishes it with the attention that it craves. Spread your partner’s outer vaginal lips with your fingers and then with a pointed tongue, gently flick around it. Feel free to combine this with other techniques, but remember that for most women, clitoral stimulation is the only way for them to reach orgasm.

Suck Her Clit
Now that you’ve warmed your partner up, you can move on to some more intense techniques. During these moves it’s important to find out what feels good for your partner, because any one of them may be too intense for her.
To suck her clit perfectly, spread your partner’s lips slightly to expose the clitoris. Then give it a quick little suck; drawing it into your mouth briefly before letting it go. Keep the suction gentle and your teeth away from her sensitive area to allow her to experience the full glory of this technique.

The Alphabet
This tip is an oldie but a goody. The idea is to try using your tongue to spell the alphabet on and around your partner’s clitoris. Your tongue will always moving in different directions and tantalise her sensitive nerve endings.

The Clitoral Hold
Simply take your partner’s exposed clitoris in your mouth and gently suck on it, then simultaneously flicker your tongue over and around it. Start off lightly and sporadically before developing a rhythm, and then speeding up the flickering and increasing the pressure to bring your lover to orgasm.

Ready to apply these oral tips tonight? Well, if you don’t have a partner to enjoy it with, then call Private Girls Sydney. They have the best girls in town!

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