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Private Girls Sydney – 4 Useful Tips On How to Have Safer Sex

Believe it or not, there is no such thing as “safe sex.” According to Private Girls Sydney, sexual activity of any type (i.e. vaginal, oral, etc.) can always put you at risk for contracting an STD – this despite wearing a condom. The only and best way to protect you from the said infection is to practice complete abstinence from all types of sexual activity.

Private Girls SydneyHere are 4 tips that may help reduce your risk of getting STDs.

Understand That You Can Always Get an Infection from All Sorts of Sex

Obviously, you know that you can get an STD from vaginal sex, which is the penetration of the vagina using your penis. However, you can also contract STD from anal sex, something that can be done by penetrating the anus using your cock. The same goes with oral sex and genital-to-genital contact without penetration. Furthermore, if you use sex toys during foreplay, make sure to wash them thoroughly after sex.

Always Use a Condom

Using condoms will greatly help in reducing your risk of contracting (or passing on) an STD. Condoms must be used correctly and consistently in order for them to be effective. Keep in mind that condoms are less effective in preventing diseases such as herpes and HPV, but they do reduce the risk of transmission.

The Condom Sense

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t be embarrassed if you don’t know everything about condoms, including how to put them on. Nonetheless, there are various online tutorials or forums that have informational video that will demonstrate how to put on a condom correctly. Also, remember that condoms should not be used past the expiration date; instead, should only be used with water-based lubrications. Reusing is also not recommendable.

Talk to Your Partner

As much as possible, you shouldn’t be afraid to talk to your partner your sexual health. If you want to know how many partners your partner has had, whether or not your partner has been tested, and what your partner wants to do to prevent STD transmission, the best thing to do is talk and discussed.

Remember that nowadays, more and more people are prone to getting infections sexual disease; hence it’s best to never put your guard down. If you want to learn more about this, better connect with Private Girls Sydney now!

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