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Private Girls Sydney | 3 Animals Who Show Their Love in Truly Painful Ways

For both humans and animals (I mean certain animals), recreational sex can be a highly enjoyable and pleasurable affair. Well, even procreative sex is also thought to provide pleasure for both parties. However, some segments of the animal kingdom engage in very painful, and truly debilitating sex! Here’s a look at a few of them.

Male Bed Bugs Use Needle-Like Penises to Puncture a Female’s Body
There are a lot of things that you should be thankful for in life. For starts, you should thank the heavens that you were created human, because you could continue engaging in lots of erotic fun with the lovely Private Girls Sydney!

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Well, if you were a bed bug, you’d definitely have a needle-like penis that you’d use to puncture the exoskeleton of the female bed bug! Insect experts say that the male bed bug’s sperm is deposited into the wound, where it travels through her body fluid to the ovaries. This technique ensures that the male bed bug’s sperm can’t be stored or rejected by the female, though it certainly comes with significant cost (and pain) to them!

Sea Slugs Have Swiss-Army Knife Genitals
Have you ever seen a sea slug? Well, if you haven’t yet, perhaps you should check them out, for they have Swiss-Army knife-like genitals! However, sea slugs are simultaneous hermaphrodites, which mean that they have male and female reproductive organs, and use both during sex. Does this mean that they can have sex with – themselves?!

Male Feral Cats Have Spine-Rigged Dicks
If you’ve already heard the howling and yelling of mating feral cats, you might have already suspected that their sexual adventures are somewhat uncomfortable for the felines! It’s because male feral cats have a penis ringed with dozens of rigid spines that rake the walls of the female’s vagina when the male withdraws.

Thank goodness you’re a human being, and you don’t torture yourself, or the lovely Private Girls Sydney, during your erotic escapades!

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