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Cool Ideas on How to Soundproof Your Room for Discreet Sex

If you live in a house or flat that’s shared with other people (Like family members or co-workers) the one thing that’s ridiculously difficult to ignore is the sound of someone else having sex, in the other room! Well, for starters, hearing your other roommates moan and bump around can be disconcerting when you’re trying to sleep, or if you’re just watching the nightly news! So, to prevent others from hearing you and your bedmate shag, here are a couple of ideas on how to sound-proof your room.

The Two Types of Sex Sound to Consider

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There’s definitely sweet release in shrieking, moaning, slapping and panting to make the lights, as well as the bed shake and move with abandon. However, if you’re sharing a flat or house with other people, you certainly don’t want everyone to hear you and your hookup buddy, or even your preferred sydney private girls, reaching orgasm!

When it comes to soundproofing your room, there are two types of sex sounds to consider – airborne and impact sounds. The airborne sex sounds include voices like moans and groans. The impact sounds include all the creaking sounds of furniture, whose thumps ricochet throughout the building!

Muffing Techniques

Presuming you don’t have the funds to finance a more technical soundproofing or your room (or your landlord doesn’t permit that you do it), the most feasible solution would be to mount furniture with wobble potential.

Keep any moving furniture away from the walls stop impacts transferring into the adjacent rooms. Put rubber matting under the feet of furniture too, to isolate it from the floor, and reduce vibration transferring into the floor, and radiating as sound.

But if your bed violently squeaks in protests, and the headboard whacks the wall in response to every thrust, it would perhaps be nicer to get down on the floor with your hookup buddy, or your preferred Private Girls Sydney (That’s if they ever agree to do it in your room!)

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